PMAs: Helping Individuals Live A More Independent Life

PMAs: Helping Individuals Live A More Independent Life

PMAs: Helping Individuals Live A More Independent Life

At Falcon Mobility, we experience first-hand, daily, the difference that personal mobility aids contribute to elderlies and individuals with limited mobility.

We are passionate about helping each and everyone who steps foot into our showroom to live more independently and with a greater sense of confidence and dignity. Whether you live with limited mobility or have a loved one who does and is considering getting a PMA in Malaysia, this article will guide you through the process.

Understanding limited mobility and its impact 

Limited mobility can be caused by several factors, such as ageing, disabilities, or even recovering from an injury or accident. Too often, we meet individuals who think that they are not “disabled” enough to use PMAs or think that relying on them means that they are weak.

There is no such thing as not being “disabled” enough or that using them means being weak. Living with limited mobility, no matter how severe it is, can make everyday routines significantly challenging; even individuals suffering from chronic pain benefit from mobility aids

Everyday routines that we take for granted can include toileting and showering independently, reaching and holding onto items, sitting and standing, opening jars and doors, and getting dressed unassisted.

Mobility aids can help such individuals live more independently, regaining a level of control over their lives. This is a critical aspect of their life as it leads to improved mental health, allowing them to enjoy their life. 

What are mobility aids? 

Mobility aids simply refer to any equipment or device that functions to improve, maintain, or increase the functional capabilities of the individual with limited mobility. They can range from mobility scooters for elderlies to basic walking sticks. 

In fact, over the years, we have seen an improvement in mobility aids, whether it is better ergonomics or improved battery range. There are two types of mobility aids:

  • High-tech aids: Some mobility aids are significantly more high-tech than others. That also means a slightly higher price point. They could come in the form of electric wheelchairs and motorised scooters. 
  • Low-tech aids: Mobility aids that are regarded as low-tech are definitely more affordable and simpler to incorporate at home. They could include lifestyle products, such as bendable spoons, air purifiers, SOS alarm pagers, shower chairs, grab rails, and travel wheelchairs.

How mobility aids promote independence 

There are so many forms of mobility aids in the market today. Even in Falcon Mobility, we offer a wide range of mobility aids, from wheelchairs and scooters to walking aids, as well as lifestyle and bathroom assistance products. 

By seeing past the social stigma that mobility aid users might face, you or your loved ones might realise the immense benefits that mobility aids offer. Not only does that help you or your loved one retain independence and confidence, but it also helps to relieve the level of care required from the carer.

How to choose the right mobility aid

The right mobility aid is one that meets your or your loved one’s lifestyle and needs. Selection should also take into consideration your goals surrounding your expectations of regaining independence. For example, if you are looking to be able to get light groceries on your own, then a rollator might not be the best option. Perhaps going for a motorised scooter might be a better choice as they come with a basket.

Nevertheless, the best place to start would be to head down to our showroom, where our team of experienced professionals are more than eager to help match you or your loved ones with the right mobility aid.

Falcon Mobility – Promoting independence for everybody 

At Falcon Mobility, we have been supporting Malaysians in regaining their confidence and independence since 2007. It all started because of our experience with a friend in school. We understand the importance of independent living and how the right mobility aid can not only provide that but take it to the next level.

Everybody deserves to feel confident and capable. Whether you have lived with limited mobility for a while or have just been diagnosed, you do not have to surrender your independence completely. Embracing mobility aids can allow you to take control of your circumstances while helping to support your carers to support your needs better.

No matter what your goals are in terms of independent living, Falcon Mobility has the right mobility aid that can enable you. Our goal is to help you live independently. Contact us today to find out how.

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