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e-Lite 2 Lightweight (17kg) Electric Mobility Scooter

Falcon Mobility

  • SGD 1,099.00
  • Save SGD $601.00

Having mobility issues and need a mobility scooter light enough to carry into your car boot? Need a last-mile transport solution but unable to balance on 2-wheel electric scooters? The e-Lite 2 could be what you need!

The e-Lite 2 has two speed settings. Speed 1 goes at a speed similar to other elderly mobility scooters, and is safe enough for use by senior citizens.

Younger users, however, would prefer Speed 2. This is almost as fast as 2-wheeled e-scooters, but is much more comfortable and safer to drive.

There is also a toggle switch, which allows the scooter to go either forwards or reverse - an important function for backing out from lifts. It is also equipped with a front hand brake for slowing or stopping the vehicle.

Going down kerbs or steps is no longer a problem as the scooter is light enough to be carried over them. It is also easy to fold and keep inside a car boot for transport.


Highly Recommended for:

The e-Lite 2 is a great scooter for people with mild walking difficulties, or even able-bodied persons who aren't able to balance on 2-wheeled vehicles such as e-scooters or hoverboards.

However, people with more serious mobility issues should consider more stable vehicles such as 4-wheeled mobility scooters .


Electric Scooter Features:

  • Lightest in the market, only 17.5 kg including battery.
  • Able to handle both up slope and down slope.
  • Has both Forward and Reverse functions.
  • Comes with mechanical hand brake.
  • 2 speed settings, suitable for both elderly and young people use
  • Easy to fold and unfold for transport in a car


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