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Ultra-Lite Motorised Wheelchair (14kg)

Falcon Mobility

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At 14.5 kg (16.4 kg with battery), the Ultra-Lite is the lightest motorised wheelchair in Malaysia!

The lightweight aluminium frame is sturdy and rust resistant. It is easy to fold and can be carried into a car by most ladies.

The dual-control version also allows a caregiver to control the wheelchair from behind. This is particularly useful for caregivers who themselves are also old, and do not have the strength to push the patient over long distances or up a slope.

** NEW! **

The Ultra-Lite "C" now also comes with NEW detachable batteries (not available on Ultra-Lite "A")! This has several advantages:

  • Each wheelchair comes with 2 easy-to-detach lithium batteries. You no longer need tools to remove the battery.
  • Each battery is rated 125WH. Under existing regulations most airlines allow 2 of such batteries on board as carry-on luggage, per passenger, without prior approval.This makes travelling with the wheelchair very much easier. And if you travel with a companion, you can bring 4 batteries.
  • Only 1 battery is needed to operate the wheelchair. If it runs out, simply change to the other battery. No worries about accidentally running out of battery, and you can get as many spare batteries as you need.
  • Battery is charged separately from the wheelchair. You can leave the wheelchair in the car, and charge the battery in your house. 

** NOTE **

The Ultra-Lite "C" version uses resistance brakes, which are light, but user may encounter a slow roll-back on slopes if the joystick is released completely. Users who need the lightest motorised wheelchair and can handle the roll-back or are always accompanied by caregivers can use the "C" version.

The Ultra-Lite "A" version uses magnetic brakes, and does not have a roll-back problem, but weighs 4 kg more. Users who want to have better brakes and do not mind the extra 4 kg of weight can opt for the "A" version.


The Ultra-Lite was designed to be light, but power is compromised. Indoors or on relatively flat ground, users can travel independently. But for use outdoors, it is best to have a caregiver around to help with steep slopes, humps, curbs, gaps and other obstacles.

If users need to be independent both indoors and outdoors, please choose the KD Smartchair instead.

Highly Recommended for:

Users who need a motorised wheelchair that is both affordable and light enough for a care giver to load into a car/taxi. Also good for households with several steps outside the door. 


Transport Suitability Rating:



Motorised Wheelchair Features

  • Lightweight, only 14.5 kg without battery, with battery only 16.4 kg.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • 24V, 10AH lithium battery that travels up to 20 km.
  • Top speed of 6 km/h
  • Battery rating of 240WH is acceptable by most major airlines for carriage of mobility aids.


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