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Scout 3-Wheeled Portable Mobility Scooter

Drive Medical

  • RM4,45500 MYR
  • Save RM1,04500 MYR

Take your Scout Travel Mobility Scooter anywhere you want to go with its simple disassembly feature. Just remove the seat, front basket, then pull up on the quick release handle and the scooter’s body separates into 2 sections - perfect for loading in your car, truck or van. The sections even have built-in carrying handles!

The Scout also comes with a delta tiller, which allows operation with one hand, making it more suitable for hemiplegic stroke patients. 

It comes with 20AH batteries, giving a travelling range of up to 24 km!

Every unit comes standard with 2 sets of replaceable colour panels, allowing the user to quickly and easily switch the scooter from Metallic Red to Midnight Blue.

The 3-wheel Scout scooter is slightly lighter, costs less, and has a better than radius than the 4-wheel version.


Highly Recommended for:

Mobility scooters are most popular among the elderly who are able to walk, but not over long distances. The scooter extends their travelling range, allowing them to maintain their social life and perform routine tasks such as grocery shopping.

The Scout 3 is best suited for nearby neighbourhood use, especially in suburban areas. Its compactness allows it to be used in tight spaces like restaurants and supermarkets. It is also portable enough to fit into most car/taxi boots if you want to bring it to places further away.  


Transport Suitability Rating: Taxi/Car—Excellent


Mobility Scooter Features:

  • Scooter can be easily disassembled into 5 pieces for transport or storage.
  • 24 km maximum range.
  • Every unit comes standard with 2 sets of replaceable colour panels, allowing the user to easily switch the scooter from Metallic Red to Midnight Blue.
  • Black solid non-marking, flat-free tyres for worry-free travel.
  • Wrap-around delta handles make driving easy, even for those with limited dexterity.
  • Adjustable angle tiller allows the user to position the controller into the most ideal driving position.
  • Backlit battery gauge makes it even easier to read.
  • Seat features 180 degree swivel and fold-down backrest.
  • Removable flip-up armrests have adjustable height, width and angle for a broad range of adjustments.
  • Anti-tip wheels for greater safety.
  • Seat back folds completely flat, which comes in handy when transporting or storing the scooter.

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