3 Key Reasons Why You Should Get A Lightweight Wheelchair

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Get A Lightweight Wheelchair

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Get A Lightweight Wheelchair

Lightweight, foldable wheelchairs offer significant convenience and portability with their sturdy yet practical design. Lightweight wheelchairs are those that weigh less than 15kg and are highly foldable for easy storage and transport. These factors make it a considerable investment, especially if you are an older traveller

Different types of lightweight wheelchairs

There are three types of lightweight wheelchairs: Attendant propelled, self-propelled, and motorised.

As the name suggests, attendant-propelled wheelchairs are ones that need the user’s loved one or caretaker to push them. Also known as pushchairs or transit chairs, they are highly suited for individuals who, due to a disability or injury, are not able to push themselves. They typically feature smaller wheels than conventional wheelchairs and have additional rear handbrakes for further safety.

Falcon Mobility Singapore offers a couple of attendant-propelled wheelchair options that weigh as light as 6.9kg to as heavy as 9.6kg.

Self-propelled wheelchairs, as the name suggests, are designed to be manoeuvred by the user. They are ideal for users who want to maintain a certain level of independence and can do so. What sets them apart from attendant-propelled wheelchairs are their two large rear wheels with push rims. However, they still come with rear handles for additional help should the user require them. 

Falcon Mobility offers a wide range of self-propelled wheelchairs that weigh up to 12.7kg. 

The last type would be lightweight motorised wheelchairs. Lightweight motorised wheelchairs have the designs of an attendant-propelled one but with a battery. Falcon Mobility offers a couple of options, weighing anywhere from 12-16kg. They can be easily folded and come with detachable batteries. Using a lightweight motorised wheelchair means having a greater deal of independence and mobility. 

Three advantages of using lightweight wheelchairs 

1. Makes transport and travel easier

One of the advantages of using lightweight wheelchairs is their convenience to transport and carry. Having the ability to pack it neatly at the back of a car or bring it onto the plane means that you do not have to sacrifice the luxury of travelling. 

2. Incredible manoeuvrability

The heavier the wheelchair, the more effort the user or caretaker needs to get it moving. A lightweight wheelchair offers incredible manoeuvrability due to its lighter weight. Going up inclines and ramps is easier. 

3. Offers increased community connection and independence

Using a lightweight wheelchair allows for significant independence beyond just being able to travel about on your own. It also makes it possible to lift into the car boot, whereas a heavier wheelchair might require additional help in doing so. When you are able to maintain a certain level of independence, you also have the confidence to head out of your home alone, maintaining an increased connection with your community.

Lightweight wheelchair alternatives

There are several alternatives to lightweight personal mobility aids (PMAs), such as rollators or transport chairs. They provide similar benefits as lightweight wheelchairs with some distinct differences.

Unlike their lightweight counterparts, rollators and transport chairs are designed to support users as they walk by redistributing their weight evenly, providing increased stability. They are ideal for users who are still able to maintain a decent level of walking capability. They, too, are a portable and practical option for travelling.  

Rollators and transport chairs come with an attached seat that the user can use when they are tired from walking. With that being said, the difference is that rollators should not be pushed about while the user is sitting down, while the transport chair combines the features of an attendant-propelled pushchair and a rollator. 


To conclude, lightweight wheelchairs are ideal travel tool that offers a great deal of independence, manoeuvrability, and transport opportunity. If you are looking for quality lightweight wheelchairs, then Falcon Mobility is the place to look at.

We have a wide range of PMAs, including electric scooters for elderlies. Head down to our showroom to test them for yourself or your loved ones today!

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