About Us

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Falcon Mobility is the only company in Singapore specializing in motorised wheelchairs and electric scooters for elderly and physically disabled people.

We believe the experience of buying an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter should be no different from buying a computer or a HD TV; you should be able to see, touch, feel and test drive it before buying.

We provide good quality, tried and tested products at competitive prices.Buying from catalogues, paying expensive freight costs, and waiting for weeks for spare parts to arrive will now become a thing of the past.

Our Company Vision and Mission

OUR VISION:To become the dominant distributor of mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs in Southeast Asia.

OUR MISSION:We strive to be the retailer of choice for our customers. We will do this by delivering the highest value per dollar spent, offering the widest variety of choice, and providing the best after-sales service to our clients.

Our Founding Story

Falcon Mobility was founded because of a long-time friendship between two friends, one disabled and one able-bodied. Here is our founding story:

Founding Story