No matter whether you get them second-hand or brand new, personal mobility aids (PMAs) are valuable commodities for providing individuals with limited mobility with a new sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency. In fact, here are some signs indicating the need for PMAs.

Opportunities to interact and socialise with others are easier with our range of first-hand and second-hand mobility devices to choose from. While the latest mobility devices might come with brand-new parts and new features, they can often come with a rather high price tag. Hence, going for a second-hand option might be ideal, especially if you have a tighter budget. 

In this article, we have compiled a couple of helpful guiding tips you can follow when considering between a first- and second-hand mobility device.

Used and new mobility devices – What to consider?

1. Price

Without explaining much, the price difference between used and new mobility devices is significant. Take our Phoenix HD 4-Wheeled Portable Mobility Scooter, for example. A first-hand one will cost you SGD$2,149, while a second-hand one will cost you a fraction of the cost at SGD$799. They both have identical features. The only difference is one is brand-new, while the other has been used before.

For many people, it might not be practical or conceivable to spend thousands of dollars on a brand-new mobility device, especially when there are second-hand alternatives that offer identical functionalities at a much lower price.

2. Extensive knowledge of the used mobility device

With Falcon Mobility, you will be informed of everything you need to know about the used mobility device you are considering. Prior to purchase, you get access to relevant information, such as the device’s background history, condition, prior usage, and suitability for your specific needs.  

You need not worry about reduced quality, given its price. Every second-hand mobility device is fully serviced before they are sold. We believe in providing nothing but the best, whether they are used or brand new. 

3. Warranty and reliability

With any used purchase, there is always a risk of the quality of the mobility device not being up to standard. Vice versa, you could take the risk of purchasing a used mobility device and get more than what you paid for with a product that has no issues or faults requiring expensive maintenance.

Either way, purchasing second-hand mobility devices comes with a certain degree of risk. Getting a brand-new mobility device will put at rest any concerns you may have over issues, such as persistent faulty mechanisms or a slightly worn and uncomfortable seat due to prior use.

When you purchase a brand new mobility device from Falcon Mobility, you will be assured that a complete service that consists of every vital check is made so that you or your loved ones can use it immediately. Another huge positive when buying first-hand is the inclusion of a six-month warranty that covers electronics, motors, and batteries. You can also purchase an extended warranty of up to two years should you want to. You also get to choose the colour of your device when applicable.

With second-hand mobility devices, you are limited to the colour of the available product. While we do provide the basic 6-month warranty, the extended warranty is not available. Other than that, we ensure that our refurbished products have been properly serviced to the best standard before putting them up for sale.

4. Performance

If you are looking to get a suitable electric scooter for elderlies, then the biggest deciding factor would definitely be the battery’s performance. Being stranded while moving about your neighborhood or other places would be inconvenient. Despite the improvement in battery technology, they are still a significant aspect of consumable components, which can be costly if replacements are necessary.

Fortunately, with used electric scooters, we will install them with fresh batteries so that buyers can have peace of mind.

Alongside batteries, tires are also a fundamental component that can be expensive to replace. Discomfort is not something users want to experience when on their electric scooters. Hence, a good tire is vital. Hence, you might want to check how long the previous users have used the scooter before purchasing it. 


At the end of the day, whether you buy a new or used mobility device from us, we ensure that all vital checks and services are made accordingly before selling it to you. Ultimately, the pros and cons of which is better depends on your specific needs and circumstances. For more information on our available new and used mobility devices, you can get them at today! 

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