What To Do With PMAs When You No Longer Need Them?

What To Do With PMAs When You No Longer Need Them?

What To Do With PMAs When You No Longer Need Them?

PMAs play a vital role in helping individuals with mobility issues maintain certain degrees of independence in their lives. From chronic pain, such as back and muscle pain, to injury recovery, there will be a time when the user no longer needs them and will have to part ways with their mobility aids.

As long as it is still in great working condition, you may be able to donate or sell your PMA to someone who needs it. Some places, such as Falcon Mobility, even accept trade-ins, refurbishing them before selling them second-hand. However, there are occasions when PMAs are no longer suitable for use and must be disposed of properly. 

Assessing your PMAs’ condition

Before deciding the next course of action regarding your old PMA, it is vital to assess its condition. Do consider the following factors:

  • Usability: Is the PMA suitable for use by someone else? Can it be sanitised and cleaned for a new user?
  • Safety: Does the PMA meet the current safety requirements? Is there any risk of safety breaches if it were to be used? Has it been stored or cared for properly?
  • Functionality: Is the PMA still usable and operational? Is it clean with no major damage and aesthetic tears or rips? Is every part intact and functional?

Be as realistic as possible when assessing your used PMA. While many minor wears and tears can still be fixed easily, not everything can be readily passed on and suitable for the next owner.

Selling your used PMA 

If your PMA is still in reasonable condition, you could sell it to another person in need, making a bit of money in the process. Your best option is to list it online. There are several places that enable people to sell and purchase pre-loved mobility tools online, such as Facebook groups, mobility aids providers like Falcon Mobility, and general online marketplaces, such as Carousell and Facebook Marketplace.

It is vital to familiarise yourself with your chosen platform’s rules before listing your pre-loved PMA for sale. Provide clear images and descriptions so that potential buyers will know the condition of the item and its specifications.

Additionally, be realistic when selling your used PMA. While you may have spent a bit when buying it new, it will not be worth its original value as a pre-loved item. If it is an older model or not in perfect condition, be realistic and lower the cost quite a fair bit.

Donate your used PMA

The reality is that mobility aids can be expensive for certain groups of individuals, even with available subsidies and grants. Many organisations that serve these individuals will accept donations of PMAs that are still in usable and good condition. A simple online search will show the organisations that will accept such donations readily. Some of them may include rotary clubs and local medical facilities.

Disposal and recycling of used mobility aids

If your PMA is no longer functional, damaged, or old, then considering disposing of or recycling it might be the better option. What you do with it will depend on the PMA’s material and size, as well as your local waste management’s rules and regulations.

For example, if you are disposing of used mobility scooters, the batteries should not be thrown with general waste, where they will end up in our landfills. Electrical, hard plastics, and metal components are recyclable, and many dedicated collection points for these components are conveniently located all over Malaysia. 


Falcon Mobility is one of the top distributors of PMAs in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia, with over 40% of the market share. With that being said, we have many returning customers who trade in their used PMAs for updated ones every 2 to 4 years, giving us a constant supply of pre-loved PMAs, which we refurbish and test according to the latest safety standards before reselling to lower-income families.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current PMA or no longer need it, Falcon Mobility is here to help. Apart from pre-loved PMAs, we also offer a wide range of brand-new, up-to-date PMAs, from power wheelchairs to foldable power scooters. Contact us to inquire more!

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