Why Walking Sticks With Seats Are Not Solely For Elderlies

Why Walking Sticks With Seats Are Not Solely For Elderlies

Why Walking Sticks With Seats Are Not Solely For Elderlies

Personal mobility aids, such as walking sticks, have often been tied to old age and the limited mobility that comes with ageing. There are many types of walking sticks in the market, including ones with seats. And while most of them are used by the elderly, they are far from being designed solely for them. In fact, they provide more than physical and visual support

Such walking aids are designed to assist with the stability and balance of anybody who requires them, enhancing confidence and independence. Should you ever need to have to consider getting a walking stick with a seat for yourself or your loved one, then this article will help you find the right one. 

Why use a walking stick?

Many rely on walking sticks for a multitude of reasons. Some may need one for additional support while recovering from an injury, while others may need one due to the lack of upper body strength.

There are no right or wrong reasons for using a walking stick. All in all, they are beneficial in reducing the risk of falling while assisting those with challenged mobility and balance in maintaining independence and confidence in their daily lives.

Walking sticks with seats

When we talk about walking sticks, most of us would immediately associate them with conventional walking canes and sticks. However, there are many variants of walking sticks, from those with quadruped bases to foldable ones. In this article, we will talk about those that come with seats.

Such walking sticks function exactly the same as conventional ones. Where they differ is that they also feature two more legs, which open up to support a one-person seat. The user’s body weight is then supported by the three legs, creating tripod-style seating that allows the individual to stop and rest whenever they need to.

Benefits of using walking sticks with seats

One might question why get them over other types of walking sticks. While there is no one better walking stick than the others, and every walking stick offers similar stability and balance assistance, a walking stick with a seat delivers additional benefits, such as:

  • Providing a comfortable seat when necessary 
  • Allowing the individual to travel further as they have the opportunity to rest whenever possible 
  • Suitable for every fitness level and age
  • Allowing the individual to experience and enjoy more places as they are not limited to those with available seating

Additional factors to consider when getting one

1. Weight and height capacity

It is vital to check the height of the walking stick to see if it is adjustable. A walking stick that is too tall or too short can affect balance and make using it significantly uncomfortable.

In addition, weight should also be a considerable factor as it must be able to support your weight safely. Most walking sticks with seats should be able to safely accommodate up to 100kg. 

2. Durability and material

If you or your loved one is going to rely on it often, it is vital to look for one that is made up of lightweight yet strong materials, such as aluminium, as they are light yet able to withstand prolonged usage without wearing out too quickly.

3. Ease of use and comfort

The additional legs and seat will naturally result in the walking stick being slightly heavier than the conventional ones. Hence, it is vital that you test them out for yourself before purchasing them to see if you are comfortable with using them.

At the same time, you can also test to see if you are able to unfold it into a seating position on your own.

4. Budget and cost

There is a wide range of walking sticks with seats in the market, depending on how much you are willing to spend. Falcon Mobility offers an extensive range.


Walking sticks with seats are not solely for elderlies. Rather, they are for anybody who experiences mobility challenges. They provide users with the opportunity to stop and rest whenever and wherever they are, enabling them to go even further independently and confidently.

At Falcon Mobility, we are passionate about helping you or your loved ones find the best-suited mobility aid. We offer a wide range of PMAs, from walking sticks with seats and rollators to mobility scooters and Electric Wheelchairs. We encourage you to come down to our showroom to test them out for yourself or contact us to find out more!

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