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Solax Mobie “S” Foldable Mobility Scooter


  • RM7,92000 MYR
  • Save RM18000 MYR

The Solax Mobie is the best foldable Mobility Scooter you can have to take on your travels or in the boot of a car. It weights only 25 kg, and can be folded within seconds.

Its 24V, 10AH Lithium battery allows travel up to 15 km. If that’s not enough, you can even buy a spare battery to go up to 30 km, which can be stored in a handy storage compartment.

The Mobie “S” is the Southeast-Asian edition, customised specially for the local market. It has 7” front wheels which are positioned further apart than other competitor models such as the Free Rider Luggie, Heartway Brio S19 and Merits Yoga S542. This gives the Mobie much better stability, capable of handling the rough pavements of Southeast Asia where wheelchair accessibility is relatively poor.


Highly Recommended for:

Mobility scooters are most popular among the elderly who are able to walk, but not over long distances. The scooter extends their travelling range, allowing them to maintain their social life and perform routine tasks such as grocery shopping.

Solax Mobie is best used as a travel mobility scooter to bring along for overseas trips, or for those who need a portable scooter that can be easily put into a car boot. 


Transport Suitability Rating: Taxi/Car—Best!


Mobility Scooter Features:

  • Scooter can be easily folded within seconds transport or storage.
  • 15 km maximum range with standard 24V 10AH Lithium battery. Range can be increased to 30 km with optional spare battery.
  • Choice of colours include Red, Blue and White.
  • Flat-free tyres for worry-free travel.
  • Wrap-around delta handles make driving easy, even for those with who can only use one hand.
  • Adjustable angle tiller allows the user to position the controller into the most ideal driving position.
  • LED battery gauge easy to read, even at night.

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