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Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart Electric Luggage Scooter for Modern Travelers

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart Electric Luggage Scooter for Modern Travelers

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The Airwheel Mini Rideable Smart Electric Luggage Scooter is a versatile mobility solution that lets you travel with ease. It is a rideable suitcase that comes with powerful motor wheels that allow you to glide through vast airports, huge convention halls and enormous megamalls with ease and comfort.

Business travellers can save time by scooting instead of walking. Trade show visitors will be able to see more products and talk to more suppliers. Shoppers can browse more shops and get the best bargains. With the Airwheel Mini Smart Luggage, all these can be done without developing sore legs or blisters.

Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, this user-friendly luggage scooter will elevate your travel experience to new levels! It has an intelligent joystick that makes it easy to operate, with just two handles for acceleration, braking, and reversing. See more and do more with the Airwheel Mini Luggage Scooter!

With this electric luggage, you’ll never have to worry about your phone running out of battery again! It comes with a USB port that can be used for charging your mobile devices! The battery can also be removed and used as an independent power bank.

The 20-inch Airwheel Mini provides a storage capacity of 26L and is sized to fit the overhead cabins of most major airlines. However, there may be restrictions on weight depending on the airline. If it is not allowed as cabin baggage, you can still remove the battery and check in the luggage scooter. The Mini also has a lower speed of 8 km/h and is less stable due to its lighter weight and smaller base.

See more and do more with the Airwheel Mini Rideable Smart Electric Travel Luggage Scooter!


1) Not designed for use by those with severe walking disabilities.

2) Warranty does not cover accidental damages e.g. due to rough handling by airline. Please buy travel insurance before travelling.

Airwheel Mini Luggage Scooter Features:

  • Aluminium Frame Max Load 110KG
  • Easy Removable 73.26Wh Lithium Battery
  • Interior Compression
  • Max Speed 8km/h
  • TSA combination Lock
  • External USB Interface
  • Easily distinguishable with Intelligent Sensor LED
  • Comfortable and Intuitive Smart Handlebar Design
  • Scooter can be easily be used for transport or storage.
  • Estimated 8 km maximum range with 70kg loading, on flat road
  • Flat-free, non-slip tyres for worry-free travel.
  • Check-in Luggage

Airwheel SE3Mini T (20inch)

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      Airwheel Mini Luggage Scooter Specification:

      Luggage Material German imported PC film +
      Taiwan’s Chi Mei ABS
      Size 38.5 cm x 25.0 cm x 57.5 cm /
      15.2" x 9.9" x 22.6"
      Weight (without Battery) 7.2 kg / 15.9 lb
      Weight (with Battery) 8.2 kg / 18.1 lb
      Max Load 110 kg / 243 lb
      Max Speed 8 km/h / 5.0 mph
      Range Estimated 8 km maximum range with 70kg loading, on flat road
      Volume 26L
      Lock Type TSA Combination Lock
      USB Output Voltage 5V
      Max Gradient 4 degrees
      Charging Voltage AC220V 50-60Hz
      Battery 73.26Wh 37V lithium
      Battery Weight 1 KG
      Removable Battery Removable
      Motor 37V 250W Brushless
      Proper Working Temperature -10°c ~ 40°c
      Charger 42V 2A
      Front Wheels 4" Motor Wheel
      Rear Wheels 4" Solid x2
      Warranty 1 year on Motor & Electronics
      6 months on Batteries
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